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WEYU is a Multi-Chain Platform that facilitates entry into the NFT industry.

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About WEYU


WEYU is a Multi-Chain Platform that facilitates entry into the NFT industry. WEYU was developed as a user-friendly platform that helps cutting-edge NFT projects launch their collections or initiatives within the WEYU ecosystem.


The WE-Launch is the leading platform for NFT and Metaverse projects to build and grow their offering globally. WEYU's mission is to make the NFT space more accessible to everyone by promoting initiatives that can be successful, assisting with their marketing, and building a passionate community while supporting a good cause. By sponsoring initiatives that are deserving of support, WEYU hopes to provide everyone who merits it with the opportunity to make a difference in the NFT sector.

Company history

WEYU is a global project established in 2021 and founded by a team of people with expertise in innovative contract development, web development, user experience engineering, business development, and global operations.

At WEYU, We believe that the key to adoption starts with the user. WE drive towards a multi-accessible NFT future where no one is left behind. From great modern design to multi-blockchain integration. Our goal is to make NFTs easy to interact with for the average internet user while creating a versatile ecosystem for creators, buyers, and sellers to grow together on a unified platform.

Community is at the heart of it all, and WEYU is bring a suite of products and services such as the WE-Market, WE-Launch, DropZone to accelerate the NFT revolution and prepare for the Metaverse future.

Brand Kit

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