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- Article created: 6th Jun 2022

Our Ambassadors actively contribute to our goal of building and maintaining the most inclusive and impactful community possible. Whether a thought leader, power connector or educator, each is driven by the same desire to actively contribute to the success of WEYU. Working together, we are united in the goal of building and maintaining a dedicated and special community.

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Weyu Ambassador Program Form

Why us?

WEYU is a Multi-Chain Platform that facilitates entry into the NFT industry. WEYU was developed as a user-friendly platform that helps cutting-edge NFT projects launch their collections or initiatives within the WEYU ecosystem.

WEYU offers a suite of products and services to help fuel adoption and make NFTs accessible to everyone with the aim of creating a bridge for the masses to enter the Web3 space.

Who can join the WEYU Ambassador program?

Proactive individuals that are interested in the WEYU ecosystem and who bring unique strengths to the table are welcome to join. Many of our members contribute through unique ways such as partnerships, events, and education, contributing to the all-around nature of the program. This means anyone is welcome, and you too have a chance to be a part of it!

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The WEYU Ambassador program will be divided into multiple groups, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the program, such as advocacy, community moderation, content, developers, events, and localization.

Why join the WEYU Ambassador Program?

From day one you will have the chance to write the next chapter of Web3, literally, by contributing to the journey and success of WEYU. Contributing for the sake of being a contributor is its own great reward, but our current ambassadors also appreciate:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Being the voice of the community
  • Interacting with like-minded people
  • Network connections
  • Exclusive invitations to multiple events alongside the WEYU team
  • The opportunity to be part of WEYU Twitter Spaces, AMAs and podcasts
  • Special perks and benefits such as being part of WEDAO or owning a unique WEYU Ambassador NFT Avatar

By completing the following application form, you can apply to become a candidate. After an in-depth review of each application, the WEYU team will select the ambassadors at the end of each month. In the introduction phase of the program, you will learn how the community works, showcase your contributions and get to know the other ambassadors in the program. While the WEYU Ambassador program is all about stimulating community, it is focused on extreme collaboration — promoting the growth of all parties involved.

If you are ready, complete the application form now to join the WEYU Ambassador Program

Weyu Ambassador Program Form

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